Our Union’s new name

At this year’s AGM of the OBU, held on the Sunday of Old Boys’ Weekend (24 July 2016), members voted unanimously in favour of the Special Resolution to change the name to the Old Armidalians’ Union. Those in attendance ranged from Old Boys who had been at TAS in the 1940s to those leaving in the 2000s.

Following the School’s decision to move to full co-education, the OBU formed a sub-committee to look at various names that would be appropriate.

Eventually, Old Armidalians’ Union was chosen – a name that is gender neutral and inclusive of both Old Boys and Old Girls, the first of whom graduated from TAS in September; it (‘OAs’) was what former students were often referred to in the earliest days of the Union, and also follows the ‘form’ (Old something Union) of all our brother GPS.

Former students will continue to be called Old Boys or Old Girls of TAS  – or, collectively, Old Armidalians.